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2011 Financial Records

2011 Income And Expenses

January through December 2011

Ordinary Income/Expenses


Donation revenue $201,770.66
Grants $37,500.00
Total income: $239,270.66


CELOS expenses $89,871.42
Park program expenses $175,999.43

Total expenses: $265,870, 85

Net income: - $26,600.19

2011 Balance Sheet

2011 Income and Expenses

2011 Financial Records -- transfers to City in RED

Campfire donations for May

Remitted to the City: $305 cash

Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2011 00:20:37 -0400

From: Jutta Mason <jutta.mason@sympatico.ca> To: Wendy Jang <wjang@toronto.ca> CC: Staff <staff@dufferinpark.ca>

Hello Wendy,

I'm sorry about the delay in submitting the campfire donations to the end of June. I was out of town and got behind.

The list for June campfire donations is attached. It comes to $672, plus there's a cheque to the city for $105 for a pizza day party. There was also a cash donation of $100 for another pizza party. So the total of the donations comes to $877.

Half of the campfire support was part of the CELOS contracts in June, so that leaves $336 plus $205 (for pizza days) to remit to the city, i.e. $541. However, $270 of that was paid to Mayssan for her daytime cellphone bill, all of it for park business. In other years there were two park cell phones but this year there is only one, so Mayssan has had to use her personal phone for many city matters. That leaves $271.

So I have an envelope with the $105 pizza cheque and $166 in cash.

Campfire donations for July

Remitted to the City: $486.25 cash

August 10 2011

Pizza day cheques made out to the City of Toronto: $342

Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 14:32:45 -0400
From: Jutta Mason
To: Wendy Jang
CC: Ana Bailao, Kelvin Seow, Staff <staff@dufferinpark.ca>

Hello Wendy,

I'm about to drop off a cheque for $2533.39 at Mary McCormick, since there are very few direct CELOS contracts left. (This is in addition to the August campfire donations, due next week).

Here are the numbers:

For the nine-week (peak summer) period between June 27 and August 28:

Income (Donations): $59,827.89

Expenditures: $56,294.50:
Groceries: $24,936.41
Supplies: $2621.70
Contracts: $28,023.73
Portable internet: $112.66
Aseel internet support: $600

Balance: $3533.39
Cash-on-hand needed for groceries: $1000

Cheque for City of Toronto: $2533.39 We'll monitor every week from now on.

Date: Mon, 04 Sept 2011
From: Jutta Mason
To: Wendy Jang
CC: Ana Bailao, Kelvin Seow, Staff <staff@dufferinpark.ca>

Hello Wendy,

Tomorrow I'll pass by Mary McCormick CRC with this week's financial envelope for you, containing:

-- a pizza day cheque (birthday party donation) for $165 (August 31), made out to the City of Toronto

-- Campfire donations for August, totaling $587.50 cash (and a list of names and dates)

-- a CELOS cheque for $1043.58 (for food-related donations from August 29 to Sept.4, minus expenses). The breakdown is:

Income: Donations $5655.98
- Groceries: $3201
- Supplies (incl.firewood): $791.40
- Contracts: $620
Total expenditures: $4612.40
Balance: $1043.58
The $1000 held back last week continues as the grocery float.

Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 08:47:00 -0400

From: Jutta Mason <jutta.mason@sympatico.ca> To: Wendy Jang <wjang@toronto.ca> CC: Staff <staff@dufferinpark.ca>, Ana Bailao <councillor_bailao@toronto.ca>, Kelvin Seow <klseow@toronto.ca>

Here is the accounting from the week of Sept.5-11.

Groceries: $1320.83
Supplies: $0
Contracts: $396
Total: $1716.83
Donations: $5362.42

Balance: $3645.59

Transfer to City:

Brought to Mary McCormick CRC: $3645.59 ($2100 cash plus CELOS cheque made out to the City of Toronto for $1545.59)

There is also a cheque for "campfire donation" for Sept.7 2011, made out to the City of Toronto, $30.

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011

From: Jutta Mason <jutta.mason@sympatico.ca> To: Wendy Jang <wjang@toronto.ca> CC: Staff <staff@dufferinpark.ca>, Ana Bailao <councillor_bailao@toronto.ca>, Kelvin Seow <klseow@toronto.ca>

hello Wendy,

here is the accounting from the week of Sept.12 - 18.

Donations: $4093.16

Groceries: $1,279.35
Supplies (incl.portable internet): $128.30
Contracts: $151.00
Total Expenditures: $1558.65

Transfer to City on Sept.19, 2011: $2534.51 cash (for deposit at Mary McCormick CRC)

In my (still unacknowledged) Sept.11 2011 CELOS proposal to Kelvin http://dufferinpark.ca/aboutus/wiki/wiki.php/CashHandling.CELOSProposal, I said we would have a separate Quickbooks account set up by Sept.19 2011 for all the transfer funds. However, we learned last week that CELOS might be able to get a $500 Quickbooks program for about $50 from a group called TechSoup, because we're a charity. They approved us, so we don't have to buy this latest version of Quickbooks with our own funds. It will take about a week to get the new version from Techsoup. Hopefully it will be ready for next week's tranfer reporting.

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011

From: Jutta Mason <jutta.mason@sympatico.ca> To: Wendy Jang <wjang@toronto.ca> CC: Staff <staff@dufferinpark.ca>, Ana Bailao <councillor_bailao@toronto.ca>, Kelvin Seow <klseow@toronto.ca>

Hello Wendy,

here is the accounting for the week of Sept.19 to 25.

Groceries: $1,304.91 (incl. CELOS cheques for flour and coffee)
Contracts: $160
Supplies: $245.14 (incl.Rogers portable internet for DG clubhouse)
Total expenses: $1709.15

Donations: $2676.49*

Balance delivered to Mary MacCormick Rec Centre: $967.34 cash plus 1 birthday party cheque for $102, made out to the City of Toronto.

  • 1. Note the difference between this week and last: Friday Night Supper was cancelled due to rain.
    2. This was the last weekend of the playground cafe for 2011

Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011

From: Jutta Mason <jutta.mason@sympatico.ca> To: Wendy Jang <wjang@toronto.ca>

Hello Wendy, here is the transfer funds from the week of Sept. 26 to October 1:

Donations (income): $1721.33 (from market only, no more food art or Friday Night Supper)

Groceries: $431.64 Supplies: $72.53 Contracts: $220 for Minesh Chauhan, adapting book-keeping to City Contracts: $300 Aseel Al Najim, moving/correcting fall and winter information into park websites Contracts: $100 Jutta Mason, for transition support Total expenditure: $1124.17

Balance transferred to City (delivered to McCormick by cheque): $597.16

Date: Tues, 4 Oct 2011

From: Jutta Mason <jutta.mason@sympatico.ca> To: Wendy Jang <wjang@toronto.ca> Hello Wendy,

On Monday I brought $562.30 campfire donations to Mary McCormick Centre, in cash. Those were the September campfire donations.

I will not be bringing any donation funds to Mary McCormick Centre again until Monday October 24, since I will be out of the country.

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: delay in transferring money

Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011

From: Jutta Mason To: Wendy Jang

I'm sorry to say that I still cannot forward the CELOS transfers to the City for the weeks beginning Oct. 3. We are in the thick of revising our Quickbooks entry methods and it will take another few days to finish the task. As soon as the new system is in place, I'll send you the updates and the money transfers. In the interest of transparency, we plan to export the detailed weekly Quickbooks entries and link them on the website as well.

November 2, 2011

From: Jutta Mason to Wendy Jang Subject: Re: CELOS to pay for rink work bees?

Our Quickbooks accounting puzzles finally got resolved and we're now on the right road to continuing the cash handling transfer. I'm ready to bring the next cheque to McCormick CRC (plus the October campfire donations). But now I've heard that the City may be unwilling to pay staff for the regular fall work bees they've been doing to get the Ward 18 rinks ready. Is that because the rink prep is not considered a program-staff task?

If so, we can hold back some of the donation funds to pay the staff through CELOS, for the work they did.

The Ward 18 rinks are so heavily used, with many hundreds of skaters coming every week, that the set-up and prep work must get done. Also, since Councillor Bailao managed to get rink-kitchen upgrades for both Campbell and Wallace, those kitchens must now be readied for first-time use. That way, the food programming can go ahead when the rinks open (so the donations can be put back into the rinks).

Please let me know whether these tasks should be left with CELOS.

November 5 2011

From: Jutta Mason to Wendy Jang CC: Sue Bartleman, Councillor_bailao@toronto.ca>

Today I brought the October campfire donations to Mary McCormick CRC: $510 in cash along with a list of the dates of contributions.

I have not heard back from you about the question of paying PT program staff for getting the rinks ready for the winter programs. Can you let me know whether you plan to pay the program staff for those shifts ("work bees")? Or whether you don't regard the work bees as part of the normal responsibilities of the staff, so that they should be covered directly through the donations?

I'd like to finish up transferring the remaining October donations to the city, but I need to know whether we should hold back some of the funds.

November 9, 2011

from Jutta Mason to Wendy Jang

cc Janie Romoff

After three requests, there is still no answer from you, about whether you intend to pay PT rec program staff for their flexibly-scheduled work bees starting two weeks ago, to get Campbell and Wallace rinks ready. Would it be possible to get a 'yes' or 'no' from you?

As you know, I'm waiting to transfer the CELOS-accounted donation funds accumulated between October 2 and November 6, back to the City. Here is the revenue/expenditure summary for that period:


Donations: $9009.14


Groceries: $3134.48
Supplies: $768.78 (including $400 for firewood)
Contracts: $2347.50 (including $1287.50 for a one-time internal audit and revised data entry system for Quickbooks, to correspond to the City accounting; $550 for me for working on the tranfers; $510 for Dufferin Grove maintenance not covered by the City)
transportation: $400 for June to October use of Mayssan's van to transport supplies
internet: $56.44 for the Dufferin Grove internet hookup. ______________

Total expenditure: $6707.20

Balance to transfer to the City: $2301.94

I'm holding this cheque in case we need to deduct the contracts for the rink work-bees - awaiting your answer.

You'll note that there is much less revenue than in the previous month, while expenses keep coming because of maintenance and between season catch-up on many details. This follows the pattern of last year (and all other years). Last year the weather was better in October so the donation revenue was a bit better: $10,437.91. But then from November 21 to December 31, the donation revenue jumped to $33,216.20. That allowed CELOS to pay out $14,334.80 in contracts for the additional programming in Ward 18 (this year to be transferred back to the City). But we can't get the donations if the rinks are not ready for winter programming. That's why we need to pay the staff to do this work, at the time when they can get the crew together, and in response to what they discover as they work through the tasks.

Note: this cheque was transferred to the City and cashed.

Financial report for Ward 18 cluster parks/rinks Nov.7 to Nov.30 2011


Donations $4866.39
Total income: $4866.39

Contracts: $1889.75
Groceries: $3724.98
Office: $62.53
Supplies: $663.28
Transportation: $6
Total expenditures: $6346.54

Financial report for Ward 18 cluster rinks, Dec.1 Dec.4 2011

Donations: $3692.74
Total income: $3,692.74

Contracts: $734.58 (including $398.58 for inventory project)
Groceries: $857.25
Office: $79.64
Supplies: $673.28
Total expenditures: $2344.75

Financial report for Ward 18 rinks cluster, Dec.5 11 2011

Donations: $6641.33
Total income: $6641.33

Contracts: $1462.99
Groceries: $2931.72
Office: $90.39
Supplies: $133.70
Transportation: $10.00
Total expenditures: $4628.80

Balance: $1880.37

Transfer cheque to the City of Toronto: $1880.37 (submitted Dec.20)

Campfire donations (14 campfires) for November: $275 (cash transfer to City of Toronto). (submitted Dec.20)

Financial report for Ward 18 rinks cluster, Dec.12 31 2011

Hello Peter, Glen and Sofia,

Here are our December 12 to 31 finances, to finish up the 2011 donation transfer back to the city. We're doing our end-of-year accounting this week and I plan to send you the transfers more frequently now, until the lockout begins. The past two weeks have been so busy at the three Ward 18 rinks that we got a bit behind.

First of all: this morning I'll be bringing $220 in cash to McCormick C.R.C., for the December campfire donations. Second: I'll also be bringing a cheque for $6095.68 (transfer back to the city, of Dec.12 - 31 donations minus expenses)

Expenses from Dec.12 to Dec. 31 (following on the last donation transfer):

Groceries: $6,878.15
Contracts for extra maintenance and for shifts not covered by city rec staff (because there were not enough hires): $3439.38
Supplies (including skate loan maintenance supplies): $1062.45
Transportation (gas for moving stuff and people between rinks): $73.03
Office (including internet): $227.06

Total: $11,680.07


Wallace Rink (food, skates): $3335.04
Dufferin skates: $3772.59
Dufferin food: $8590.00
Dufferin bread: $1529.85
Campbell Rink (food and skates): $458.27
Market donation: $90

Total: $17,775.75

Transfer back to City of Toronto: $6095.68

I would suggest that if Sofia is being assigned to the issue of Ward 18 donations, it would be good for us to give her an introduction to our Quickbooks accounting records and the details that can be seen there. Is there a convenient time?

2011 Campfire donation to City: $3112.05

2011 cash donations transfer back to City: $21,599.56

2011 pizza day cheques to the City: $744

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