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What the mayoral candidates say about parks and recreation

George Smitherman Campaign website, Issues section:

George Smitherman has a lengthy section on Parks and Recreation on his campaign website.

It's encouraging that Mr.Smitherman is interested in parks and public spaces. On Monday September 27, CELOS administrator Jutta Mason went to the campaign office and talked with John Willis, who works on policy for the campaign. She told him that while we think that there are some interesting ideas in his "Recreation Renaissance Plan," on the whole it's too high-level, too flashy, not neighbourhood-oriented enough. But then a week later the news came that if elected, George Smitherman will appoint a panel of seven people including Paul Bedford and John Sewell, to crack the nut that will help parks too:

"Vowing to return power to the people, Smitherman announced a panel will consider ways to give neighbourhoods more power over decisions that affect them and proposals to ‘throw open the doors’ and make City Hall more accountable."

Perhaps David Harvey's recent report on parks, "Fertile Ground for New Thinking," published by the Metcalf Foundation, helped shape this thinking -- we hope so.

The Globe and Mail: Smitherman proposes panel of brainstorming ‘experts’, October7, 2010

The National Post: What the #!%*? – Reforming City Hall, October 8, 2010.

The Star: Sewell to head reform panel if Smitherman is elected, October 7, 2010.

Media related to Parks, Forestry and Recreation

Joe Pantalone campaign website

Joe Pantalone has no specific information about parks and recreation on his website. He does however point to his record of "green" policy development:

Rob Ford campaign website

Rob Ford has no specific material about Parks and Recreation on his website. His support of sports especially for kids and youth is well known, but in his "issues" section, under "protecting our children and communities," the proposal is only to hire 100 additional police officers of which he wants 30 to be posted into schools.

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