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Budget Notes 2007 and 2008

Parks Forestry & Recreation


posted August 20, 2007

2007 Budget Math From the CELOS Research Group Both the City and Parks Forestry and Recreation have real problems, but look at management payroll for some answers.

Operating Budget

November 27, 2007

PFR Cost Containment questions.

posted February 12, 2008

PFR Outdoor rink ice maintenance cost increase.

posted February 11, 2008

2008 Budget Notes: Parks, Forestry and Recreation proposed operating budget -- excerpts from the Analyst Briefing Notes Read more >>

posted September 5, 2007

Better Budget Cuts 25 Managers of Parks Forestry and Recreation make more than $100K per year, some of questionable purpose, yet the line staff are considered "disposable". We have some suggestions.

posted January 31, 2008

Increased Recreation user fees Higher user fees proposed in a new report from Parks, Forestry and recreation staff, called "Everybody gets to play." Although a joke is already making the rounds, calling this approach “everybody gets to pay,” the report is not all about cost increases.

PFR Cost Notebook

CELOS Budget Committee Presentation Feb 08

Capital Budget

posted September 10, 2007

Parks and Recreation Capital budget stories An inside look at a few years' of capital expenditures by Parks, Foresty and Recreation - and how some of that money is actually directed to operating costs. Meanwhile, Toronto's debt is increasing.

posted February 04, 2008

The Park Levies Story There’s a development fee called a “park levy,” which is supposed to come to a park when multiple new housing units are added at once in a neighborhood. Where does that money go? Here's a city background file regarding park levies.


Analysis (City)

posted February 04, 2008

CELOS research on the 2008 Budget Three big problems with this budget: contradictory numbers, hidden expenditures, and poor revenue tools.


Sewell: Spend Less for cops, more for youth (pdf)


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