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research by ordinary people that is disciplined, critical, well-documented and public

CELOS: pronounced "see-loss", is a very small, non-profit organization with charitable status (as of 2009), which since 2000 has been documenting our work in the area of public urban space, mainly (but not only) parks. This is who we are and what we do.

Public spaces in this time

still very few campfires, for a stiff fee

bake oven use allowed, for a stiff fee
September 2022

More than two years of varying restrictions blocked activities and social life in Toronto parks and all other public spaces. Ontario (and Toronto) has now lifted the majority of the restrictions (not all). The (current) official Public Health rules are here). City of Toronto staff are still not permitted to come to work unless they have had at least two covid shots.


September 2022

Public Spaces, public discourse: Ukraine

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Disseminating information about public space

For our current set of publishing activities, see

Friends of Dufferin Grove Park began a monthly newsletter in September 2000, which has been published by CELOS since 2003. CELOS also distributes a weekly web newsletter about the Dufferin Park Farmers' market, and an occasional e-newsletter about Toronto city rinks.


CELOS 2018 AGM Agenda, May 12, 2019

CELOS projects


Dufferin Grove Park Conservancy link

Cob Maintenance link

Dan’s Table Maintenance

Adventure Playground Maintenance

Northwest Corner Revitalization Project education link

Websites reorganization (slow but steady): dufferinpark.ca, cityrinks.ca, publicbakeovens.ca, celos.ca


Skate lending/Regent Park link

AODA link and link

Laneways link


Bake ovens connections link

Park People

8-80 Cities



Parksite: (Big on Bloor) Darren Leu/Dyan Marie:

Block Party Supply (Christie Pits waste diversion project) link

Botanicus Art Ensemble (MacGregor Park archway)

Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee (shipping container café)

Build a Better Bloor Dufferin link


Financial Report link


- What’s happening in 2019. See e.g. the map page we made of local development projects, here.

- CELOS "pile of bricks" oven is going to the Milky Way community garden, see garden video here.

Community Consultation

Here is a recent picture showabout the unmaking' of Dufferin Grove Park.'

What is at issue in the bureaucracy of cities

"Of course it is important to the political and social sciences that the essence of totalitarian government, and perhaps the nature of every bureaucracy, is to make functionaries and mere cogs in the administrative machinery out of people, and thus to dehumanize them. And one can debate long and profitably on the rule of Nobody, which is what the political form known as bureau-cracy truly is."
Hannah Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem, Postscript.

The 2010 report by Dave Harvy and (Toronto Park People), funded by the Metcalf Foundation Fertile Ground for New Thinking Dave's concludes that it's time for Torontonians involved with parks to join their voices in bringing about park improvements.

You can find out about the Recreation Service Plan by going to this city webpage. You can find out how the consultations were set up by looking at this staff report.

Here is the City's list of "stakeholders" who were contacted to give their opinions about the Recreation Service Plan in May and June, 2011 (and the Parks Plan in September 2011). Here's the city's stakeholder list with contact links. If your "park friends" or advisory group is not on the list of groups who will be asked for their views, you can e-mail 311@toronto.ca and ask them to help you get on it.

Notes on the public consultation sessions:

consultation reports.

Read more on Governance

research: what works well in a park, what doesn't?


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background research


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