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Neighbourhood e-list discussions

Georgetown Rail corridor

J. W. wrote:

I'm not hearing any suggestions here...I'm a homeowner and can't just pick up and move.

The plan as I hear it is to run 500 diesel trains through here everyday. This would effectively turn west Toronto into a noisy toxic wasteland. There is no justification for this (other than to support urban sprawl?), and as residents of Toronto we will not accept this destruction of our health, homes, and wealth.

I wouldnt be surprised if this plan doubles the smog level in Toronto. The mayor should be thinking of the lost tax revenue too, as people choose to commute to the city.

The allen expressway was stopped. This project must/will be stopped.

where do we begin?

A suggestion to Fuzzy Boundries

SUGGESTION: I think the best and fair thing to do is to give a ballot card to all the residences, one ballot to each family in the catchment area and ask them to pick one name out of lets say, the top five, out of their top 25 names, which is listed in their website. And also have a second question in the same ballot and ask the residents,what they would suggest as a neighbourhood or alternate name for their community. The ballots boxes should be placed in different locations in the community and then at the last Fuzzy Boundaries community meeting in January 2010, count the ballots. read more >>

A community garden in Erwin Krickhahn Park and renovation of Perth Dupont Library.

In 2007, City Councillor Adam Giambrone set about adding a community garden to part of Erwin Krickhahn Park. Many residents felt that the play area for the children was more important, and there was a large public meeting on the subject. The garden fence was removed. Instead, the councillor has proposed that the dead-end stub of road abutting the park on the north should be dug up and replaced with a garden. That started another round of discussion on the neighbourhood e-lists. read more >>

Dundas streetcar

Some of you are already aware that the 505 Dundas streetcar has been re-routed to College from Lansdowne to Ossington since mid-November. We had a shuttle bus coming through since early summer but as of last month, we have completely lost service on this strip of Dundas. The reason for the disruption, according to our city councillor (and Chair of the TTC) is that there is an ongoing watermain replacement operation.

Kids for a Documentary on Separation/Divorce

Joe Jacobs and his son want to film kids talking about their parents divorcing. Some people in the neighbourhood feel they shouldn't, others think it's a great idea. Read more >>

Comments on local art gallery displays for "Nuit Blanche"

Michael Monastyrskyj wrote:

Did anyone go out to Funktion Function on Saturday night? If you did, what did you think?

I was out for about an hour. I liked the exhibit at Fountain 123. Let's just say the exhibit at the Funktion gallery wasn't to my taste. :-) I thought the project at the Mercer Union where mycologists and astronomers trade notes was fun, but that's because I used to be a bit of an astronomy nerd. But is that really art?


Neighbourhood discussion about police press release

M. E. wrote:

Itís interesting how they note race only for the black person. B. K. wrote:

Not just interesting but appalling. I'm Asian and I am always astonished by the racial descriptions. Was the other causasian? Asian? Italian? Fair skinned? Blond?

you get it.


Jun 14, 2010
E. K. wrote:

Hi Everybody,

This is only the second time I've used this service and now I'm desperate. I have had mice ever since I moved into my place last september. I have them off and on. Sometimes there is no evidence of them for 2-3 months. I have used peppermint essential oil and bounce dryer sheets and sticky sheets that are placed in strategic places. I've actually caught quite a few of them--mainly babies. Any humane ideas?

Air Show Neighbourhood Discussion, 51 e-mails

Z.P. wrote:

This air show also pays tribute to the men and women that have died for us, protecting our country thru ww1 and ww2. I come from a worn torn country where people were killed and bombed by armies and you don't see my family running for cover. I ask that you understand that just because its loud and noisey you look past the noise and see it in your hearts that their are so many children and families that enjoy this airshow and make a family day of it. But if you still disagree with it, why not ban alcohol completely, smoking, sexual reproduction, and everything else that some feel is bad while others feel is good... read more >>

City of Toronto Strike, 2009

K. H. wrote:

At times we must cut politicians some slack in learning about what is important. The health and vibrancy of city parks is certainly this and a top priority of the citizens of Toronto. Thanks to the dedication of the people of the Christie Pits neighbourhood and other neighbourhoods that spoke out on this issue, there has been a successful social-political lesson to city politicians. If they have learned this lesson well they will take action to make sure that there will be a very clear and well communicated mandate at the municipal level that cities cannot allow public parks to be used has dump sites. There are alternatives to be put in place before this is ever allowed to happen again. read more >>

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