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posted January 31, 2010

CELOS website hosting usage summary, June 27 2011 - June 26 2012

visits/pageviews (from google analytics)

General websites
  • celos.ca 7338/19591
  • publiccommons.ca 1314/12125 (from march 2012)
  • cityrinks.ca 181150/431490
Community websites
  • campbell.ca 2483/9086
  • dufferinpark.ca 76781/191222
  • macgregorpark.ca 1708/4391
  • wallaceemerson.ca 17053/60502 (deleted in 2014)

Total: 287,827 visits, 724,016 page views

posted January 31, 2010

CELOS website hosting usage summary, January 2009 - January 2010

CELOS operates a number of websites, and provides support to selected other community websites (by invitation), as a way of disseminating information to the broader community (see parkcommons.ca).

Over the past year (January 2009 to January 2010) these websites combined have had a total of about 210,000 visits over the year, with an average time for each visit of about 2 1/2 minutes, and a bounce rate (only one page per visit) of about 50%.

Of these, dufferinpark.ca and cityrinks.ca, both CELOS operated sites, had about 68,000 visits each. cityrinks.ca has these visits bunched up during the skating season, whereas dufferinpark.ca has them spread out over most of the year (with more during spring, summer, and fall). dufferinpark.ca's traffice is diminishing slightly (not much posting activity), whereas the cityrinks.ca visits have increased by 62% over the previous year.

Of the non-CELOS sites, tcgn.ca (Toronto Community Garden Network) had the most visits, of about 32,000 visits, almost triple the previous year. TCGN has announced that they have their own website technology in the works, now that the website has been launched with CELOS' assistance.

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