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May 11

Oakville re-opens municipale Parks to the public. The Mayor erroneously claimed to close them all on Provincial orders in early April. The next issue is that many suburban parks are generally out of reach without a car. And parking lots remain closed. Oakville reopening town parkland for public use May 8

Examples of permitted activities in parks green space, for individuals or groups of up to five people include

    Playing catch, kicking a soccer ball and flying a kite
    Sitting on a blanket, grass or lawn chair
    Exercising and stretching on a yoga mat, but not in a class
    Letting young children run and burn off some energy'
April 20

Today @ 7 pm instead of pots & pans i can write a letter, make a sign, sign a petition: “Nurses, cleaners, paramedics, garbage and grocery store workers put their lives on the line every day, with no financial ability to stay home if they have symptoms.” How else do we get to the new normal with Covid?

We urgently need Health Emergency Labour Protections (H.E.L.P.): including 21 paid emergency leave days for ALL

April 16

Wuhan and wet markets, farmers and fertilizer, scientists and labs, 1.7 million unknown viruses, population growth, wildlife diversity, building roads into forests, ebola and HIV, global testing. So much covered in here, shifting the focus from a people and placing it on all of our long term responsibility.

“Pure Baloney”: Zoologist Debunks Trump’s COVID-19 Origin Theory, Explains Animal-Human Transmission StoryApril 16, 2020 Watch Full Show

April 11

Today in Parliament I heard three instances of producers saying they had too much supply: milk or meat or plants, but no factories to process them and simply low demand from industry. Each time the minister said a monetary loan was the answer to recover the cost to the business. But what off the waste? What of the impact of those images in a crisis where so many people are reaching poverty and global hunger is on the rise. “We can't turn the cows off," Is a quote from below. Same reports from the US and across Europes lockdown nations. In Ontario alone “as five million litres will be dumped weekly”... the scale of it stuns me.

'Nowhere for it to go': Dairy farmers dump their milk down the drain

April 10

Maybe more letters to MPs in support of this and less pots and pans...., i hear many essential workers feel this way, including those who themselves are in the at risk categories “QUEEN’S PARK — Some frontline health care workers are desperate for a place to stay during the pandemic, because home is where immuno-compromised, elderly or infant loved ones are.”

Province should cover costs for accommodations for frontline heroes who shouldn’t go home

March 31

When being an essential worker is not a choice.... “Strikers want that policy [paid leave] extended to any worker with a doctor's note verifying an underlying condition making them vulnerable to the virus.” I think the language is here in Canada, but its not clear yet.

U.S. Amazon and Instacart workers strike to protest COVID-19 hazards on the job


This music video filmed live in a downtown neighbourhood: music by Domanique Grant with Jamii Esplanade. I read about it in Kristyn Wong-Tam very informative and friendly daily crisis newsletters, it included the latest from our Mayor, Apr 2nd: Any two people who don’t reside together and fail to keep two metres apart will be subject to prosecution and potentially liable for a fine of up to $5000. This bylaw will be in place for at least the next 30 days. 200 bylaw officers will be deployed to ensure compliance. There are 42 actively managed park hot spots and have been 1180 complaints regarding people gathering 15 sets of concrete blocks are being delivered to Toronto parks including Sunnyside City will tow cars that park in closed parking lots

One day we will describe to our kids how this was our world.

March 25

Why the idea of 100,000 MORE Amazon warehouse workers made me uneasy... « Although it might not feel like it from the prominence of online chatter from people working from home, teleworkers are actually in the minority: Less than 30% of Americans have jobs that allow working from home, » Most Brown and Black Americans Are Exposing Themselves to Coronavirus for a Paycheck

Some of the new hired or essential workers are at higher risk than those of us staying at home: the over 60 or with weaker immune systems... so far i have seen nothing in place to ensure that these people are the ones who get to stay home with pay.... does anyone know???

Workers In 8 Amazon Warehouses Test Positive For Coronavirus

March 16

How people will survive on no income. And what closing the homeless shelters mean... Statement on the need for enhanced social supports in response to COVID-19

March 15

I posted this on a group in response to criticism towards people seen chatting in coffee shops etc.... but ive also heard: kids can play but not on the play structures etc... and ALOT of “just stay at home...”

« At some point we will all start to consider just what social isolation means to people: social by nature and/or one step further : lonely depressed scared etc.... social media isnt accessible to all and dosent cut it. Kids need to run and climb, others need to see another real person - maybe chat 15 mins or whatever without being feeling bad about it.... the presure is on, many people are doing good preventative stuff, its speaks for those who cant or wont right now. I think its better to stay positive about it. Lets not make people feel bad for not social distancing. Theres a great web page on the govs website. Ill link it in a sec with some relevant sections »

Community-based measures to mitigate the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Canada

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