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City of Toronto Top Earners 2007

by Henrik Bechmann

posted March 22, 2009

The method used for this study was to allocate each top earner to a budget program. Caveat: The resulting program and grouping allocations are estimates, as we took the data from public records, and matching individual earners to budget programs could not always be done with certainty. If you are able to correct any of the data, please contact us at mail@celos.ca. Also note that the data set does not indicate earners which may have achieved high pay as the result of overtime work.

Nonetheless we believe the following analysis is indicative.

The salary data was taken from the Province of Ontario Salary Disclosure publications (see our links to these), listing government employees with salaries of more than $100,000. The 2007 disclosures published in 2008 were the most recent numbers available at the time of this study. The2007 disclosure tables did not include top earners for the Toronto Parking Authority, nor for the Parking Enforcement Unit. Whether these units simply had no top earners, or if there was some other reason, we do not know.

In addition, we have left the following budget programs out of the data, as the size of the programs or number of top earners were judged too small to provide meaningful comparisons:

  • 3-1-1 Program
  • Council
  • Mayor's Office
  • Office of the Lobbyist Registrar
  • Toronto Atmospheric Fund
  • Heritage Toronto
  • Yonge Dundas Square
  • Office of the Ombudsperson
  • Arena Boards of Management

These omissions amount to excluding 15 of 2,965 top earners from the charts and graphs below.

The Permanent, Temporary, and Total columns in the charts below are taken from the City's 2007 budget, and represent approved positions. The totals include budget programs that match programs for which top earner data is presented, and exclude the programs listed above. This is the best estimate we could obtain of the actual number or staff that work for the City, although it is widely understood to be somewhat different from actual staffing levels. Nonetheless we believe that the comparisons are indicative.

The high level groupings of city programs are classifications developed by CELOS to try to obtain a meaningful overview of the data. General Services are those that are provided widely throughout the city, and include transportation, water, waste, and commons and recreation services such as parks and libraries. Special Services are some kind of intervention or directed support, and include emergency services, housing, child care, public health, and various licensing and enforcement services. Central Services are City internal services, and what most people would regard as City Hall. Central Services encompass general administration, policy development, and urban development initiatives.

Toronto Top Earners 2007 - Summary

Toronto Top Earners 2007 - Group Totals

Toronto Top Earners 2007 - Sub-Group Totals

Toronto Top Earners 2007 - Program Totals

Source Documents
  • TorontoTopEarners2007.xls is an excel spreadsheet which contains all top earners listed by the Ontario Government, and the budget program allocations that we have used.
  • munic08.pdf is the government of Ontario source document for municipalities, listing salaries over $100,000. We processed the document with UN-PDF software into spreadsheet format, and extracted City of Toronto entries. We then allocated names to budget programs through various techniques, including inference from employer or position names, matching to phone lists, and in a few cases, a best guess.
  • 2007bn_oppositions.pdf 2007 budget document containing staff positions used in comparisons in the top earner study.
  • TorontoTopEarnersPFR.xls is an excel spreadsheet which contains all top earners for Parks, Forestry and Recreation, for 2007.

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