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Parks Forestry and Recreation salaries above $100,000: 2009

ABELA JOHN Supervisor, Property Management & Maintenance $109,787.16

ALLEVATO COSTANZA Manager, Community Recreation $103,116.03

ANDRADE ANTONIO Supervisor, Community Recreation $110,239.05

ANDREWS GORDON Manager, Property Management Maintenance Services $127,839.47

BARTLEMAN SUSAN M. Manager, Community Recreation $109,993.28

BEAUREGARD ARTHUR Manager, Community Engagement $118,487.81

BOWSER KEVIN Manager, Parks $122,305.01

BROMLEY MALCOLM Director, Community Recreation $137,007.29

BROWN WYNNA Operations Support Coordinator $105,857.93

BURNS DAVID Supervisor, Property Management & Maintenance $106,569.47

CABRAL MOSES Supervisor, By Law Enforcement, Economic Development, Culture & Tourism $105,728.96

CLARK ROBERT Manager, Staff Support $110,660.53

COATES LESLIE Manager, Parks Renaissance, Special Project $112,136.73

CORMIER CAROL Manager, Standards & Innovation $112,686.31

CRABBE WILLIAM Supervisor, Parks Maintenance, Construction $103,092.91

CRUMP ROBERT Manager, Parks $121,972.08

DANN JAMES Manager, Enterprise Services $126,128.38

DI MATTEO SANDY Supervisor, Property Management & Maintenance $125,700.81

DI ROLLO ANTHONY Supervisor, Facility Services $105,766.32

EASTWOOD DONALD Manager, Facilities Operations $127,885.65

EDELMAN MARK W. Manager, Strategic & Service Planning $108,090.85

FANTAUZZI DOMINIC Supervisor, Property Management & Maintenance $108,303.19

FULTON JOHN ERNEST Manager, Community Recreation $117,630.49

GALLAGHER KEVIN Supervisor, Facility Services $110,039.42

GARDHOUSE JAMES Manager, Horticulture & Greenhouses $104,635.76

GOSLING RICHARD Manager, Community Capacity, Building $108,507.52

GRAHAM THOMAS ALLAN Manager, Management Services $124,573.69

HARDING WILLIAM Manager, Parks $120,952.21

HOSELTON WARREN H. Supervisor, Parks $106,489.82

INGLE SANDRA Project Director, Facilities Management Project $113,861.28

JACKSON BRENDA ANNE A. Manager, Aquatics $106,785.97

JEFFERS KEN Manager, Access & Diversity $114,763.38

KIELBISKI KENNETH Supervisor, Property Management & Maintenance $116,589.92

KOROPESKI ANDREW Director Parks $158,261.15

KOVACHIS DONNA Manager, Management Services $139,285.12

LATANVILLE BARRY Supervisor, Parks $100,175.59

LAM PETER W. Manager, Finance, Social Development, Finance & Administration $106,837.59

LAWSON MARK Manager, Customer Service, Parks Forestry & Recreation $106,209.44

LOK ANDY Manager, Infrastructure Management Services $113,438.28

MACINTYRE JOHN A. Director, Strategic Services $209,346.66

MARICH ILANA Project Manager, Work Order System $108,293.65

MARRA ANNE Director, Parks Development & Infrastructure $149,263.20

MCDONALD DOUGLAS Manager, Business Services $127,048.68

MCLAUGHLIN DANIEL Project Manager, Construction Operations $101,200.23

MCNAMARA JOSEPH Manager, Facilities Management $109,944.38

MEAGHER JOHN Supervisor, Facility Services $109,307.65

MOORE HENRY Supervisor, Property Management & Maintenance $104,247.02

PATTERSON BRENDA L. General Manager, Parks Forestry & Recreation $197,192.26

POWER PATRICIA Supervisor, Facility Services $123,211.24

PHILIP BRIAN Manager, Management Services $139,290.98

RICHARDSON ROB Manager, Partnership Development $104,121.34

RONAN PAUL GREGORY Director Parks $132,248.55

SANGSTER BETH ELAINE Manager, Management Services $119,484.65

SCHREINER MICHAEL J. Manager, Construction Management, Capital Projects $118,991.47

SEOW KELVIN Manager, Community Recreation $129,569.55

ST. CYR WENDY Manager, Management Services $117,850.07

STRAW SANDY Manager, Parks $121,663.47

SHARP GLEN Manager, Facilities Management $120,456.50

SHORT GARY Manager, Planning Design & Development $115,716.13

STRONGE ROBERT E. Supervisor, Parks $101,003.89

ULUSOY UMIT (ANN) Director, Management Services $145,112.71

WADDINGHAM SHARON E. Manager, Standards & Innovation $115,203.69

WALTON STAN F. Manager, Customer Service, Parks Forestry & Recreation $125,002.91

WIELE KATHERINE Director, Divisional Coordination, Community Engagement $140,398.42

WERTEPNY TERRY Management Consultant, Service Improvement & Administration $113,808.17

ZAPH NEIL Director, Strategic Services $178,210.60

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