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Employees by Job Classification

September 22, 2010

We have obtained a chart of Employees by Job Classification and Union Affiliation as of August 2010, (excluding Transit and Police). See CityEmployeeCountByClassification.pdf.

Commentary on this list: The data are from SAP which is the program which has the city workers' official employment history and creates the file that pays them each week. The SAP record will say the hours of work in each pay period and the hiring classification. It will also be updated if the worker is fired, on maternity leave, resigns etc.

Many workers are hired as one classification and then are promoted. For example many wading pool attendants become lifeguards, some of whom become pool managers, some of whom become pool co-ordinators. None of these changes in classification are noted in the SAP file. (Although the file will note that the person is paid at a different rate).

There are around 2000 classifications in existence in the part-time recreation collective agreement. Evidently about 300 classifications have people in them. (however, as noted above, those classifications were the hiring classification, not necessarily the current classification).

For example, there are 40 pool cashiers. But, across the city these jobs were phased out (although they still exist in some places) as the point of sale system came in. Those individuals are still working, but perhaps as lifeguards or something different entirely.

So this list is interesting, but not the final word.

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