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Regulatory Challenges

Most people are thrilled to discover a bake oven in a city park -- perhaps glowing with a well-stoked fire, perhaps loaded with fragrant bread. They find the fire beautiful, the food delicious, and the chance to meet their neighbours a treat. However, as the documents linked below indicate, people who want to use existing ovens, and people who wish to build permanent or temporary ovens, have faced an increasing number of regulatory obstacles.

General Regulations

The city's draft bake oven policy: Draft policy

Email correspondence regarding bake oven policy and oven issues (April, 2010):


Oven questions and responses

An excerpt from the March 2010 Dufferin Park newsletter on bake ovens and policy: CITY POLICIES AND COMMUNITY BAKE-OVENS

Toronto Star articles about bake oven policy:

Sept 25, 2008 Christie: City's not fired up about ovens in parks

Feb 25, 2010 Porter: City crackdown hits park pizza nights

May 21, 2010 Porter: Why is it so hard to get city permission for a bake oven in a park?

May 31, 2010 Porter: Changing Lawrence Heights with a pizza oven

An overview of regulations pertaining to food in public space:

Sharing food in public space

Issues faced by Oven Users and Would-be Oven Users

See the "Correspondence" link above for some details about Riverdale Park, Alexandra Park and the proposed Stonegate oven in Bell Manor Park.

A letter outlining the issues with the Alexandra Park oven: Alexandra Park Oven Letter

A chronological record of email correspondence related to the Stonegate Community Health Centre's proposal to build a bake oven in Bell Manor Park:

Stonegate chronology

Obstacles for Temporary Ovens

An email exchange: Parks and Rec and their NO's

For more information, try searching the regulatory research database.

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