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Court news about an attack near Dufferin Street, Feb. 25

A young man was arrested by police after a midnight attack and sexual assault at the edge of the park on February 25. A woman was walking south on Dufferin Street and was grabbed and pulled into the park and assaulted there. The Toronto Sun reported that the woman managed to “steer her attacker toward a nearby shopping mall, where she knew his image would be captured.” This is puzzling, since of course the Dufferin Mall is closed by midnight, and the photo (posted at the rink house) appears to show someone inside a store.

Since then this man has been in the Don Jail. He briefly appeared in court on Wednesday March 5 and is scheduled to appear again on March 18. Park friends will follow the case to find out what happens, and report back.

Interesting discussion on the dufferingrovefriends e-list about crime postings.

Around the time of this attack, e-list moderator Erella Ganon asked people on the list whether they wanted police crime reports posted there. Quite a few comments came in, of very diverse opinions. A sample: I am a little concerned that there will be a deluge of police reports about fairly minor incidents which will, cumulatively over time, negatively colour our perceptions of the area. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Or the opposite view: Innocence is bliss, it is also deceiving. Being in the little bubble of safety is but a grand illusion. Although I don't want to hear about all these negative things, I want to be well informed of what's happening in my community.

The discussion is archived on the dufferinpark.ca web site, go to “police and park safety.” (See archive of discussion)

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