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Access to Information request 2010-1411
Submitted: August 9 2010
Information received: Sept.7 2010

Request: Access to information related to Leaside Park, i.e. a copy of:

- the Stimulus fund application that was submitted by the City of Toronto
- any contract that was signed regarding this application
- all records relating to the purchase of any playground equipment since 2001, including dates of all related installations and repair costs

1. Infrastructure Stimulus Fund project application:

Refers to a ranking based on “audits and inspections carried out by professionals to establish the maintenance repair and/or life cycle replacement costs of existing assets.” This is then ranked “utilizing our Asset Management Program. In addition, PF&R has a play enhancement program, that is a city wide initiative, that includes replacement of old style play equipment with new modern stand alone multi-component play structures, shade devised, seating areas, patios, drinking fountains, etc.”

The category “rehabilitation” is checked off, “new construction” is marked as “no.” There are eight explanation boxes, and each contains this sentence: “The project was selected based on the criteria that minimal design and specifications are required and no permits are required from out agencies.” [“Out agencies” is not defined.]

The only specific is: “This project only require repair and repaving to the existing pathways and an enhancement to the existing playground.” The cost is listed as $200,000, of which $66,667 is federal funds and $133,330 is City funds. Of the federal funds, $3,333 was requested for 2009 and the rest for 2010 -2011.

2. under “any contract signed regarding this application”:

Then there is a contract “to cover all costs for professional and technical services for upgrades and improvements to pathways, steps, service road and retaining wall” to an engineering company called Peter T Mitches and Associates, totalling $26,000. The dates on the contract are April 8 2010 for issuance of the purchase order and June 30 2010 for “delivery.”

3. Under records relating the previous installation of equipment The ATI response says that the Leaside Playground was replaced in Fall 2005. “There have been no repairs to the playground since it was installed...”

(a) The consultant was “Envision – the Hough Group Limited.” There’s a contract for $19,000 including a negotiable “contingency fee,” plus GST: “for the provision of professional and technical services for the modification/development and subsequent construction supervision of the Leaside, R.V. Burgess and Howard Talbot Parks” and

(b) The contractor was Mopal Construction, and their invoice includes the three playgrounds as well:
Howard Talbot Park $34,300
Leaside Park: $69,200
R.V.Burgess Park: $39,000
Plus removal of a concrete slab ($2500) and replacement of an asphalt walkway ($4,500) at Leaside Park.

The “total due” is given in Nov. 2005 as $150,900 “less previously invoiced $116,100,” i.e. a balance of $31,320 plus GST. All the work including at RV Burgess is listed as “100% complete.”

Then there’s a copy of the purchase order, issued on July 12 2005, which is for $148,900, for “supply of all labour, equipment and material necessary for Howard Talbot, Leaside and R.V. Burgess Park and Playground Improvements...all in accordance with Quotation Request No.3717-05-5098 its specifications, Drawings, General Conditions, Price Schedule”

Then there is one more page, showing the cost of supplying and installing the Henderson play structure at Leaside Park:
PlaySteel 4 Structure is $32,810.82, See Saw is $2,291.33, Baby Swing is $1,779.32 and Belt Swing is $1,802.96, for a total of $38,384.42, installation, freight, and PST included.

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