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posted Summer, 2010

Healey Willan Park

August 19, 2010: Biking past this playground, we came to a sudden stop. It's only a little corner pocket park, but it has a good-sized sand play area and a wading pool, lots of benches, and COLOUR -- thanks to all the artwork on the park furniture and the little pool. It does not look like an orphan, the way so many Toronto "parkettes" do. The playground structure is solid, probably about 15 years old, with most of the plastic un-faded but more metal maintenance needed. On the steps to the monkey bars there's even a sizable hole. Some of the rusting areas have been sanded and had rust paint applied, but it looks like the job was abandoned before it was over -- why?

Playground structure -- standard Henderson Playground

wading pool -- painted by neighbouring artist

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