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posted on March 14, 2009

Use of consultants stir cup controversy

City criticized for spending $50,000 on studies to come up with recycling solution for coffee cups

Published: MARCH 12, 2009
Source: The Globe and Mail

Toronto's war on take-out coffee cups took a fresh turn yesterday as city officials defended - and critics slammed - the use of consultants before the debate heads to council this summer.

So far, with the support of a 40-member task force of industry and other officials, the city has commissioned $50,000 in studies to figure out how best to divert 350 million coffee cups a year from landfill.

A decision on an additional study of the economic impact from any city measures is expected in a few days.

With advice from the task force, city officials are set to report back to the public works committee in June on options to recycle paper coffee cups, now barred from the blue box because of their polystyrene lids.

The issue heads to council for a decision in July.


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