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posted on March 07, 2009

City muzzles a hero

Staffer gets major award for work with youth - but his bosses won't let him talk about it

Published: 6th March 2009
Source: Toronto Sun

"One of Toronto's unsung heroes got his song sung the other day -- winning the first ever Community Award for Youth Service presented by the Committee of Youth Officers for Ontario (COYO), an association of police officers dedicated to combating and preventing youth crime.

It is no small honour.

COYO has been around since 1979 and this year, for the first time in its 30-year existence, it has honoured someone from outside police ranks.

Too bad the honouree can't speak to it.

His name is Al Crawford, a recreation specialist with the City of Toronto and, while it would seem appropriate to get a few words from him regarding his award and his work with Toronto's youth, this cannot be done. "


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