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Citizen-Z Cavan Young's 2004 film about the zamboni crisis





Job List

E-mail work list, Nov.7 2010

Scratch pad - dec 16

Mayssan to do - Regent Park contact information Re: campfire (mina)

- Tandoor oven - mississauga trip? Reserach brick oven.

- small spaces movie

- Ston gate and skate lending

- Transcribe Dave Harvey list

- phone numbers 311 to send to someone

- training piece by Amy

- closing of rinks on the rain day?

-valley field park visits

Jutta to do - contact Lawrence Heights - Carmen Smith

- Jutta contact Krista re: bake oven scadding

- Toboggan fire at Christie (councillor)

- Stone gate and skate lending (councillor)

- Jutta Transcribe Dave Harvey List

- Find JJP rink friends on email?

- write to Smitherman

- contact councillor luby for valley field

- revised capital projects guidlines

- biotoilet display after january

- foi request on helmets and training

To do - Contact Scott / Liz Stop Oven & Perth Davenport

- yo to bake with Gene

- meeting in jan re: greenwood

- biotoilet webpages to be fixed up

- meet water issue people Georgie? and us talking to people appeal to ford?

- helmets for pond hockey


- find 10 councillors Re: holiday hours, re: do you care to make these rinks better, re: who are supporters of rinks or community spokesperson?

Jutta College Park -- Krystin Tam-Wong Glen Long -- councillor Ryerson -- ask Lea JJP -- Jutta look for rink users Christie/Trinity Mike Layton Greenwood Scadding - oven event Adam Vaughan High Park - midnight Kew - Mary Margaret JS - Heather Otter Creek Karen Stintz Prince of Wales, Sir Adam Beck -- Mary Jane Ramsden -- Tim Gilbert Rennie - Tim Flood Regent South - Mina and Lucky Rosedale - Sunnydale -- Dough Ford Valleyfield -- Gloria Lindsay Luby Monarch -- Women's Hockey -- Deirdre

- rest councilors to be contacted by Belinda

January 2 2010 update

Rinks to do special projects:

Jane-Finch -- school group to use nearby rink (Sunnydale?) we bring skates and campfire. Contact is Sarah Bower sbower@srra.ca at the San Romanoway Revitalization Association. For Sunnydale, also contact Doug Ford's assistant (name?)

Trinity: contact is Anna Hill -- annahill1@mac.com -- to do campfire (no skate loans?)

Scadding/Harry Gairey: Jan or Feb baking session with Yo -- Jutta contact Krista, also contact Adam Vaughan

JJP -- contact Vince Pagano, Jutta assemble names of rink users. Skates, campfire.

Glen Long -- Costanza and Counc. Colle

Greenwood: meeting with Rohan, research of history (help from Marty)

Attend Community Dev and rec Jan. 21 9.30 a.m. Parks Commitee Jan.28 9.30 a.m.

Public rinks: go see the guy at George Bell to find out the rink work allocation

City: call Mary Margaret MacMahon (Parks) and Josh Matlow (Com Dev and Rec) to get the rinks delay and costs/allocation on the committee agenda. Call Denzil to help if chairs won't put it on.

Belinda - July 7, 2011 To do 1) Go through the text of the Recreational Water Protocol, 2008 (or as current) and add comments based on interpretation of the law

2) Finish records re: wading pools

3) Summarize Oriole Park

4) write up summary of changes to OHSA for staff (2 paragraphs) and update database record

5) Shift data from celos law and liability to database.

5a) go through law records and talk to Aseel, M and J re: suggestions for organizing records

6)email Jeff Zammit re: phone messages and to ask about any follow up by people at 311 Jarvis on police using extra-judicial measures

7) - follow up with Julie Beddoes re:

a) RFP for Corus building (public bathrooms & food)

b) visit in summer to Dufferin re: food + playground

7) Posting: A) in publicrinks.ca, in library, put:

• working notes re: structure/issues re: conservancy - e.g. take issues from earlier draft of framework agreement + by-laws which created conservancies

• conservancy records from database, incl. other conservancies, boards of management framework agreement, notes re: problems we’ve experienced and the powers/solutions conservancy could bring to this, official parks correspondence of “why it can’t happen”,

not priorities as of June 24 11 1) Continue research re: federal health law/spending to flesh out 'law-making as a tool" for our discussion with Andrew Cash

2) Revise law-making questions and send to Andrew before meeting

Possible research

- list of different parks plans made over years, results and costs

- audit of parks services from park to the budget

- follow-up on Shevali's U.K. audit piece

- http://socialfinance.ca/about and go to talk to SF people about this

Possible follow-up

1) watch for consultant’s report re: budget

2) possible follow-up re: Jaimie - bake ovens in Scarborough

With Jutta and Mayssan

- go talk to Tim Caustigan (Moore Park)

April 26 2011


1. print off two copies of the feasibility study (Nayssam arrange) http://www.toronto.ca/parks/pdf/engagement/bio_toilet_feasibility_study.pdf

2. update the cob web pages, by going through what's there, changing present tense to past, adding some context paragraphs, adding more recent news, etc. (Georgie, with posting help from Aseel) http://dufferinpark.ca/cobcourtyard/wiki/wiki.php

3. Make a display about the bio-toilet feasibility study for several Dufferin Grove locations (excerpts form the study, annotations by Georgie, Bloor-Dufferin Residents Association background by Jutta)

4. Superimpose a bio-toilet onto the terrain using some Toronto playgrounds pictures to show feasibility or difficulty (Georgie, using photos taken on April 22, and photos taken by Nayssam afterwards, with a request list by Georgie and Jutta, specs to help Nayssam find good spots, by Georgie)

5. Make a generic display about the feasibility of bio-toilets, which can be put on a nice sandwich board and quickly adapted for individual locations, so we can cart it around to various parks on the occasion of events or markets or day-long playground visits by CELOS researchers this summer (Georgie does the content, Nayssam does the printing, arranging).

Aseel: July 16, 2011 this page: http://celos.ca/wiki/wiki.php?n=Courts.FrontPage Has been moved to the DB except the last section starts from "Types of offenses"+ http://celos.ca/wiki/wiki.php?n=CourtCases.MichaelSchmidt2008
Aseel will talk to Belinda about this, so we can move the courts folder to archive.



Certification: list of questions

OHSA: "see also" (Belinda will check park construction, cob, zamboni) also a list of questions.

Also Bill C-160 and Bill C-45

Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Maybe apply to Commissioner re interpreting conflict of interest policy -- maybe with lots of community signatures

Post links to Integrity Commissioners' Annual Report

Belinda: notes on the bake-oven meeting
Jutta -- notes on bake-oven meeting
Anna B. post bake oven meeting notes, post Jutta's suggestion list, post staff report as soon as it comes out
Meet with Dave Harvey re exploring seminar about policy-making

Jutta -- Find out about rink watering grievance.

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