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Playgrounds in Germany and Austria, 2007

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1. A castle playground in Mannheim Germany. This playground has lots of built features -- the adults got to play, designing this -- but what is there for the kids to create?

2.In Bremen, swings are made to be social

3. Waterplay at Innsbruck city playground -- water is pumped from a well

4. Climbing net at Munich playground -- kids can climb up to slide

5. Munich playground have lots of sand piles

6. Note the sand bucket (on a long swing chain) and sand chutes on the junior play structure in Munich

7. Wobbly stairs in Munich playground. No danger of falling through the slats

8. Long watercourse in Munich playground with pump at the top

9. Sand play area with rhinocerous structure -- right beside an outdoor cafe where the grownups can site and have a beer

10. Soccer practice spot right by the river in Innsbruck -- high nets to keep ball in

11. Elaborate water play area in Innsbruck -- nobody wants to be stuck at the pump, so very little waterplay

12. Slides do more than one thing -- this girl prefers to climb up and be taller than her mom

13. The palace playground in Innsbruck has wooden springtoys and sculptured animals, no plastic

14. Elaborate but boring castle at Innsbruck University playground -- click to see kid trying to climb the palisade -- that's more interesting

15. Climbing net right beside Bremen farmers' market -- parents can shop and have a glass of wine right by playground

16. Bremen farmers' market playground -- note log teeter-totter

17.Lookout tower in central Berlin adventure playground -- designed by kids, built with help from grownups

18. Play castle in Bremen playground -- designed by and for grownups

19. Bremen -- there are swings in foreground, but it's still more fun to climb a tree

20. Sand play beside Bremen farmers' market

21. Desultory waterplay area in Mannheim --nobody wants to get stuck pumping -- note the unhappy faces -- the concept doesn't work well. Compare with Dufferin Grove Park

22. Intentional climbing tree in Mannheim park

23. Sociable tire swings in Mannheim

24. tall wooden climbing structure in Bremen -- note the slats prevent head entrapment but the top of the slide is two stories high

25. Bremen playground -- the toys belong to the park

26. getting muddy in a Bremen playground waterplay area

27. This Bremen city playground is run by parents -- all the toys and wheel toys are kept in this graffiti-covered storage shed

28. Going up a slide doubles the fun

29. Wetzlar Germany -- a swing designed for standing

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