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FinancialRecords 2000 Details


Cookies: Dry mix is 52 cups. Wet mix asks for 13 cups (). One dry mix contains 2.75 Kg. flour (full bag is 8 kg., costs $4.75) so it costs $1.56; 1.85 kg. oats (full bag is 25 kilo, $25) so it costs $1.78; brown sugar 3.15 kilo (full bag is 40 kilo, costs $41) so it costs $3.15. So whole dry mix costs approx. $6.49.

Wet mix costs:

13 cups dry mix: approx.$1.62

1 pound butter $2.79

half a large package of choc. chips $2.74

4 eggs $0.56

Total is $7.71 plus baking pdr., baking soda, salt, and vanilla. Round off cost to $8.50.

If we charge $0.50 per cookie we make $27.50 per batch of wet mix.

One wet mix makes 55 cookies: $0.15 per cookie.

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