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Community Management Boards for Rinks, or Parks?

posted February 19, 2006

We're told by rink users around the city that there are ice maintenance problems. A recent dispute at Dufferin Rink with the City (our ice is 6" thick, more than twice what it should be), got us thinking about taking matters into our own hands by forming a community Management Board. We thought similar thinking might apply to other rinks as well, so we post the material here.

February 20, 2006

Editorial: Does Anyone Have a Broom?? The system for maintaining most city rinks is a shambles.

posted February 19, 2006


A Clash of Cultures?: Recent events at Dufferin Grove Park leading to the contemplation of a Management Board for the rink again raise the question: why is there a serious "crisis" -- a conflict with the city -- once or twice a year?

posted February 18, 2006

Thoughts About Parks: Doing More With Less?. Itís time to clear up a few things about Dufferin Grove Park and our taxes.

posted on February 16, 2006


Fact sheet? on City of Toronto community Boards of Management

posted February 16, 2006

Outdoor Rink Reports?. Here's a look at the rough-and-tumble world of running some of Toronto's outdoor rinks.

posted Feburary 15, 2006

Ice Thickness?. Each time the ice surface is flooded, the ice slab increases in thickness. While this increase is minimal, there is an additive effect throughout the rink season.

posted Feburary 11, 2006

Report of Community Meeting about Rink Management Board Proposal?

posted February 6, 2006

Letter to the general manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation?

posted February 1, 2006

Why a Management Board for City Outdoor Rinks?? The City's management of outdoor compressor-run ice rinks isnít working.

posted January 24, 2006


Editorial: The Upside Down World of City Rinks?

General Information

posted Feburary 15, 2006

Refrigerant Safety Issues?. According to its thermodynamic qualities, ammonia is one of the best refrigerants presently known.

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