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A conditional $10M Parks & Rec contract to reduce energy use in rinkhouses. And it appears the contractor (Cinergy) gets to say whether it's working. We're very concerned about this project.

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September 13, 2005

Cinergy - The mysterious ten million dollar plan for city rinks

Dear rink users,

As many of you know, Parks and Recreation staff and rink users collaborate very closely to run Dufferin Rink. This co-operative arrangement was worked out by trial-and-error during more than a decade, and it’s not fully recognized by the upper management staff at City Hall. However it’s recognized by skaters, who have voted

CINERGY Correspondence Diary

Excerpts from the agreement between The City and CINERGY SOLUTIONS

Corporate Access Request 05-2314.

Received from City of Toronto Corporate Access and Privacy: “The full text of the agreement that was entered into between the City of Toronto and Vestar/ Cinergy, resulting from RFP 9119-03-7275.” “The Agreement made in quadruplicate effective as of the 8th day of December 2004.”

Selections from the 27-page agreement

p.1 (Article 1.01) Definitions: “Approval Period” means the period of 15 days from receipt by the City of information delivered by CINERGY SOLUTIONS –

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