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Citizen-Z Cavan Young's 2004 film about the zamboni crisis






Christie Pits

Christie Pits oven

entrance into the food prep area by the Christie bake oven

baking tools in shopping cart

mice were there in the winter

mice were on the counter too

left-over juice boxes from the summer program

tent set up by bake oven

Yo Utano, the baker

dough warming by the woodstove

All set to load the oven

Tobogganers at the top of the hill

Focaccias sizzling

The oven in the snow

Tending the fire

Dough warming by the stove

Yo prepares the focaccia

All set to bake

Cookie trays

Yo at work in the rinkhouse

Sweet focaccia

Sweet focaccia

Yo serves up the fresh-baked treats

Fresh focaccia squares

Dufferin Grove Park

Dufferin Grove oven 2002

Green Barns

Green Barn oven August 2010

Lawrence Heights


The whole structure

Oven depth


Riverdale Farm

Riverdale Farm oven

Scadding Court/Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park oven May 29 2009

The frozen lock had to be clipped

The oven with a nice fire

The fire pushed to the back of the oven

The potato onion buns

Cooking program participants in the kitchen

Cooking program participants in the kitchen

The oven

Wood storage compartment below oven door

The oven has a small door

The mixer

The fire near the front of the oven

The oven is close to Alexandra rink

The pleasure skating rink had some skaters

The hockey rink on baking day

The Stop

The Stop Community Food Centre oven

Lefferts House, Brooklyn NY

Pizzas bubbling up

Trying the spider in the oven

Elyse and Billy

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